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My passion for photography started with wanting to capture the places that gave me peace and made me feel the most myself. And now I want to share that with others, in the hopes that my images will bring you some of the peace that they give me.


Although I have been into photography for longer than I can remember, it wasn't until after a trip to the Hills four years ago that I finally decided to invest in a nice camera. That night in the Hills the sky was blanketed with stars like I had never seen before, and I was kicking myself for not having a camera with long exposure.

Later, my photography expanded to capturing those around me. After a tumble I took down a cliff in New Jack City, my climbing trip quickly turned into a photography trip. The tumble led to a sprained wrist, so although climbing was out of the question, one handed photography was still feasible. I started capturing my friends belaying, climbing, reading, and just enjoying life - all one handed.... I would find the shot, lower the camera to my lap to adjust the lens with my good hand, and re-aim the camera to capture the shot. I still love looking back at these pictures, as they capture the people I love unfiltered - I find that my favorite pictures of people are those that aren't posed, pictures where they don't even know the camera is on them.

For all inquiries, to purchase prints, or simply to say hello, reach out via the contact form!

Brooke Rasina

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